Ready to feel confident with your biz finances?

Take the deep dive into organizing your business with the…

Online Business Finance Tracker

This Google Sheet will help you keep track of every dollar you earn and spend for your business. I even teach you the how and why so you’ll finally experience clarity with your business finances.

Business Finance Tracker Mockup

This tracker has been so helpful! I managed to organize all of my 2022 finances (that were scattered in various places), into this one document!

I have a much better understanding of where my money came from and went last year, and am armed with that information to make 2023 a financially better year.

Julia Levine

CEO, The Podcast Teacher

Thank God for your brilliance! You have no idea how much I needed this google sheet. I’m such a mess with finances. I feel like the spreadsheet will work better for me than using software because I can see everything at a glance in a simple way!

Arnetia Renee

Virtual Assistant, Your Podcast Manager

Transform your Business Finances with this Tracker!

Clear Instructions

You won’t be left hangin’! I provide a video with step-by-step instructions to help you get started. There are also notes on each sheet to remind you how to use them.

Financial Goals

Set simple, realistic goals each quarter to give yourself something to aim for. You’ll be able to quickly view how your actual income and expenses compare to your goals.

Recurring Expenses

Track recurring yearly and monthly expenses so that you’re never surprised by a renewal again! You’ll also get a clear picture of how much you should budget each month for expenses.

Quarterly Dashboard

Use the dashboard to track your monthly income and expenses. Easily check your gross income, net income, expense totals, and tax savings.

Yearly Goal Planner Trello Template Mockup

Monthly Breakdown

View the entire year on one sheet! Compare your different income streams, each month, and get a visual representation of your income with the net income vs. expenses chart.

Yearly Goal Planner Trello Template Mockup

Expense Summary

Ready for tax season! This sheet automatically calculates how much you spent in each of your tax categories so you can quickly complete your taxes.

What People Are Saying…

I love your Business Finance Tracker! I think it is really well done and can be a perfect solution for a new or small business. I am a tax preparer, and I have many clients that would benefit from your tracker.


All I can say is WOW!  I really like this spreadsheet!  But we really must find a way to get more of Beyonce’s money lol!

I love the income spreadsheet at the end because that can be used to hold any additional detail if the 10 income streams aren’t enough to track individual clients or something like that.  You really did your thing on this, Becky!  This is definitely money well spent.  Thanks again!


I have mastered avoiding finance tracking and doing the numbers, which has been a source of stress and chaos in my life and hampered business creation.

Now, with your tool and the clear instructions it comes with, I feel confident I can master the scary finance tracking and tax prep monster and make it my friend.

Thank you so much!

S. Oswald

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't use Google Sheets?

You can easily export Google Sheets to .csv or .docx files and use them in Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel if you prefer those programs.

Will this work for my business?

This tracker was created for small, online businesses.

It works best for businesses which meet one of the following:

  • New businesses or side hustles
  • Businesses making <$100,000
  • CEOs who prefer DIY finances to software with monthly payments
I'm not an organized person. Will this help?

Organization isn’t a gene. It’s a skill you learn and practice.

This tracker is a tool for you to improve those skills and start taking control of your business finances.

How is this tracker delivered?

This is set up as a course on Thrivecart’s Learn platform. You’ll get instant access to the course which includes video instructions and a link to the Google Sheet.

Can I ask you questions about the tracker?

Of course! You can send me an email anytime at

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