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The CEO at Interact, Josh Haynam, reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in using their software to create an online quiz for my website. I was hesitant because I’m pretty picky about partnerships, but I did some research and was impressed with what I found.

Josh and I had a chill meeting in our sweatshirts that sealed the deal for me. His company really aligns with the things that are important to me, and creating a quiz sounded like a fun experiment!

I created an online quiz for my popular blog post Trello vs. Asana vs. ClickUp and had so much fun with it that I decided to also create a quiz to promote one of my courses called “How much do you really know about Google Drive?”

That was all it took. I’m officially addicted to creating online quizzes!

Why Should You Create an Online Quiz?

Quizzes Are VERY Popular.

I probably don’t have to tell you this. Every time you open a website or social media platform, there’s a quiz just begging you to try it out.

“Which Disney character are you?”

“What’s your IQ score?”

“Are you a REAL Friends fan?”

And if the quiz is related to something you enjoy, it’s hard to pass up! When you create a quiz for your audience, it will draw them into your business in much the same way.

Quizzes Are FUN!

The teenagers in my house are addicted to taking quizzes online. They’ll even take them multiple times to try to get the answer they want. Since we’re all giant nerds they tend to be quizzes like…

“Which Hogwarts House would you be in?”

“Which Percy Jackson character are you?”

Even just listening to them take the quizzes can be fun.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “fun” topic in order for a quiz to be fun. I feel like the anticipation of seeing your result can make boring topics more interesting.

A quiz on a topic that your audience would like to learn more about can be much more entertaining than a social media post or blog post.

Quizzes Are Memorable.

When you make something engaging, you instantly make it more memorable. Online quizzes make your content more dynamic so that people who take your quiz will retain the information more easily.

They’ll also be more likely to share that information with other people!

Quizzes Increase Conversions.

Want to grow your email marketing list? Quizzes are one of the best ways to do that!

Quizzes have higher conversion rates than other popular lead magnet types like ebooks and checklists. These are considered “passive” content while quizzes are much more active.

It’s best to use both passive AND active content in your marketing so that you can reach a variety of people and learning styles.

Important Features for Creating an Online Quiz

When you’re ready to create your first online quiz, there are several features you’ll want your software to have.

Easy to use.

Ok, so this one is pretty obvious. You’re going to want an online quiz tool that’s easy to use. As online business owners, we are constantly having to learn new tools and features to run our businesses.

Any time you add something new to your business systems, like a quiz for your marketing plan, you want it to be as easy as possible to use so that you aren’t wasting time learning complicated software.


I’ve probably said this a thousand times…. Any tool you add to your tech stack MUST integrate easily with the tools you’re already using.

If it doesn’t, forget it! Don’t even consider adding it. Integrations help you streamline and automate your business. Without that, you can kiss scaling your biz goodbye.

Customization + White Label.

You didn’t build a business and a brand just to promote someone else’s business, did you?

Your online quiz creation tool should allow you to use your logo, not theirs. Your brand colors, not theirs. And your images… getting the picture? (pun intended 😆)

When you share your quiz with the world, make sure it’s showing off your business.

Mobile Responsive.

56% of users who visit my website are using a mobile device. And that’s pretty close to the average for all internet users.

Your quiz should be accessible to anyone, regardless of what kind of device they are using.

Analytics + Reports.

What good is a quiz if you can’t collect data from it? Data helps us make better decisions for our businesses, and that includes data coming from your quizzes.

You’ll want to know how many people are taking the quiz, what answers they are selecting, where people are giving up and not finishing, how many are sharing their email addresses, and which results they got.

These numbers will help you optimize your quiz and increase your conversion rates!

Tips for Creating an Online Quiz

Creating online quizzes is pretty easy to do, but there are some tricks you’ll want to use in order to have success with your quiz.

Number of Questions for your Quiz

We humans don’t have the best attention spans. If your quiz is too long, people will lose interest before they even finish.

A 7 question quiz will take about 2 minutes to complete. Most research shows that the optimal range for online quizzes is 5-10 questions.

Make your Quiz Catchy

Your quiz title, image, description, and style should all be created with one goal in mind… get the reader to take the quiz.

You need to pull people in if you want to convert them.

Use a commonly asked question, popular keywords, clear descriptions, and positive images for your quiz.

Vary the Difficulty

Start out with easy questions and then get progressively more difficult as your quiz goes. This helps anyone taking the quiz feel like they get a quick win at the beginning instead of making the first question so hard that they give up.

You also want to vary the types of questions you’re asking so they don’t get bored. Who wants to answer 10 true/false questions? Gross.

Add Value to you Quiz

What’s the point of someone taking the quiz?

Is it for fun? Well that can add value for someone who is bored or looking for entertainment.

Will they learn something? Are you going to provide them with tips, information, help, etc?

Make sure you are providing value of some kind to the people who take your quiz. This shows them that you are a business owner who provides value for your audience and will keep them coming back for more.

My Favorite Tool for Creating an Online Quiz

To be honest, I’ve only ever tried one tool for creating an online quiz. But… I didn’t have any reason to try a different tool after I made a quiz with Interact!

I’m pretty sure I had more fun creating my quiz than anyone will have taking it (although I know online business owners are going to love it 💜).

First things first… Interact has a 6-Part course called “How To Launch Your First Quiz” that walks you through each step. The software was so easy to use that I actually didn’t even need the course. WHAT?!?!

I skipped the course and dove right in to creating my first online quiz. It was incredibly intuitive and easy to find all of the settings I wanted. Just as soon as I would think “I wish I could do this…” I would find exactly where I needed to click to make it happen.

If you do need help with it though (ain’t no shame!), they’ve got a database of helpful articles and top notch customer service available through chat. No waiting for slow, useless email support.

Growing Your Email List with an Online Quiz

There are soooo many ways you can use online quizzes to grow your email list. Here are a few ways I’m using them for my own business:

Online Quiz Lead Magnet Example #1

For my Trello vs. Asana vs. ClickUp quiz, I connected it to ConvertKit and set up 3 different automations, one for each result. When someone finishes the quiz and submits their email address, they’ll get a free template that matches their result delivered right to their inbox!

To market this quiz, I added a pop up on my homepage, which is pretty easy to do thanks to the built-in features of Interact. I also have a pop up for it on the original blog post, share it on social media, and splatter Pinterest with quiz pins!

Online Quiz Lead Magnet Example #2

While I was creating my first quiz, it occurred to me that I could create a quiz as promo for one of my courses! Instead of connecting it to a bunch of email automations, I simply put a button on the last page that sends people to the sales page for the course.

This quiz is How much do you really know about Google Drive? It leads to three possible results depending on the number of questions you get correct; Google Drive Newbie, Nerd, or Ninja 🥷!

Based on the results, people might decide to check out the course so they can level up their Google Drive skills.

Take Action

Hopefully this article gave you some ideas for ways you can use a quiz to grow your online business!

Ready to give it a try and have the most fun creating a lead magnet since… well, ever?

Try Interact for FREE with their 14-day trial >>

2 weeks is more than enough time to see what you think. I mean, it took less than 2 hours for me to fall in love with Interact. I know you’ll be as addicted to quiz building as I am when you give it a test drive!

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