Need an organization ninja in your pocket?

Invest in a “Day of Voxer” and get 6 hours of support to take action in your biz!

What is a Day of Voxer?

Get 1:1 support without having to spend hours on video chat or hand over a ton of money to a coach you barely know!

  • Affordable support while you are working on your biz.
  • Perfect for introverts — Use voice message, text, or both!
  • Ask questions, get feedback, and feel more confident.
  • Stay focused with an accountability buddy at your side.
  • The only way to work 1:1 with me to get organized!
Day of Voxer - The Organized CEO
Day of Voxer - The Organized CEO

What can we do in a day?

GOAL PLANNING — Set monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals with smaller action steps to help you achieve them.

BIZ BLUEPRINT — Develop your mission, vision, and values so that you have clarity for the future of your business.

OUTLINE PROCESSES — Start building your SOP library to prepare for scaling your business with a team.

SETUP SYSTEMS — Streamline and automate your systems to save you time and reduce your stress.

ORGANIZE!! — Create structure for your business and reduce the overwhelm that come with being a CEO.

Have something else in mind? Let’s discuss it!

After working with Becky to set up Honeybook, my client onboarding is so much more professional and has been a huge help to my business. My expectations were definitely exceeded!

My business is much more organized, and I’ve been able to keep it that way so far!


Content Coach, Taylor Made Happy

How does this work?

Pick Your Day

Use my easy scheduler to pick the day that works best for you! Day of Voxer is currently available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 4pm EST.

Pay the invoice to lock in your reservation and we’ll be ready!

Set Up Voxer

After you pick your day, I’ll send you step-by-step (and easy!) instructions for setting up Voxer and adding me to your chat.

It’s free to use and they have an app for your phone.


Chat with Me!

On your Day of Voxer, you get 6 full hours of access to my business organization brain.

I’ll send you a welcome message and then you can blow up my phone with all your questions!

Working with Becky really helped me see things in a more simplified way. I had limiting beliefs in my own abilities, fearing I couldn’t create my own templates. Becky gave me the courage to believe in myself.

By just encouraging me to break through this limiting belief, I started looking at other areas of my business that I thought I couldn’t “do myself,” and I started asking - “is this true or is it a limiting belief?” Since our day of Voxer, I’ve been loving this new way of approaching everything, and it has led me to a new offer to start offering clients and it feels soooooo right!

I loved the Voxer experience, and I loved how easy it was to collaborate through Voxer!


CEO, The Mindful OBM

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we are in different time zones?

I only schedule Day of Voxer from 10am - 4pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

These are the hours when I’m at my best, and I promise you don’t want to work with me before or after those times.

If those times don’t work with your time zone, I’d be happy to refer you to someone else.

Will we be talking non-stop?

I hope not! #introvertalert

My Day of Voxer is designed to work at your pace. There will be some expected lag between messages as we work throughout our day.

I want to provide you with THE BEST information and sometimes I’ll need to think for a wee bit. Also, I may need time to read, review, and/or research.

Also, potty breaks and whatnot.

Do we have to use Voxer?

Nope! We can also use Slack if you prefer it.

I do NOT currently offer WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Google Hangouts, or any other chat apps. Voxer and Slack seem to work best.

Is there a limit on the number of messages?

No way! Whatever we can fit into a day is what we’ll cover. There’s no cut-off.

Can I book multiple days of Voxer?

Well, aren’t you an eager beaver?!

You can book as many of my days as you’d like (maybe leave a few for other folks though). You’ll need to book them one at a time though.

Can I reschedule my day?

Of course! Your confirmation email will include a reschedule link for your convenience. You must schedule at least 48 hours in advance.

How can I prepare for my day?
  • Download and set up Voxer (I will send you instructions)
  • Add our day to your calendar!
  • Make a list of things you want to work on, questions you want to ask, or work you want me to review.
I have a question before I invest...

I’m happy to answer your questions! Just email me at and put “Day of Voxer” in the subject.