Lizzy’s Christmas Party Debrief

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What is Lizzy’s Christmas Party?

Lizzy’s Christmas Party (LCP) is a bundle event in December that includes hundreds of B2B and B2C products.

(‘Christmas’ is used for the holiday season, but this is very much non-religious)

It’s hosted by Elizabeth Goddard, a UK-based Online Business Strategist. She started her business in 2015 and has been running LCP every year since 2020. Each year the party grows, and it’s such a blast!

There are 2 different “Goody Bags” during the event. Once someone signs up for the free one or purchases the $100, they can pick and choose which of the included products they want access to by signing up for each one.

This works incredibly well because it’s a win for everyone. The business owners who contribute their products for free (like me) grow their email lists. The people who sign up get a paid product for free. And Lizzy gets to grow her business, make some money, and donate to charity!

*This is just an example from the LCP Goody Bags in 2023.

Why I Chose to Be a Sponsor

There were 3 sponsorship options available for 2023. I chose to be a Bronze Sponsor at $500, which got me the Premium Goody Bag ($100 value) and guaranteed participation in the event.

Since Lizzy limited the number of contributors for 2023 (to keep it from getting out of control), and based on my list growth from previous years, this was a pretty easy yes for me.

I don’t spend much money on marketing and I don’t market on social media, so I knew this would be my biggest event of the year and get my business in front of thousands of people.

What I Included in the Bundle

This was my third year participating in LCP. Every single year, I’ve included the same product in the Regular Bundle.

I thought about doing something different this year, but I tried that in a bundle in September 2023 and didn’t get as many signups as I expected.

Based on that little experiment, I decided to stick with my usual product and see what happened.

My Business Finance Tracker does incredibly well in bundles. I suspect it’s because it’s something most business owners can use and templates are a great quick win for people. It’s much easier to copy a template than it is to commit to taking a full course.

I’ve always believed in the adage “give away your best shit free” so that’s what I’m doing. The Business Finance Tracker is my biggest, baddest template. I’ve spent well over 100 hours over the last 4 years creating and updating this template. I use it for my own business, so I know it really well and have made sure everything works.

I also update it every year and send a fresh link each December to anyone who’s tagged with the product in ConvertKit.

What I Used as My Upsell

After people sign up for the template, I redirect them to a special page to see if I can engage them a bit more. You can do this by asking them to sign up for your Facebook group or by trying to upsell them on another product.

For the first time ever, I decided to use my membership as an upsell. Typically, you’ll see a really low conversion rate for upsells/bumps/tripwires when you’re in a bundle. People tend to sign up for the thing and move on quickly to the next one.

Knowing that, and having less than exciting upsell results in the past, I decided to just experiment and see what happened.

Hypothesis: What will happen if I make it insanely cheap to join for 1 month?

I duplicated my membership sales page, updated the pricing and top of the page, and offered a $1 trial for 1 month of The Template Nook.

This is honestly an insane offer. Basically, they would get 70+ templates for $1. And they could cancel easily. And they could get a refund for 14 days. There was absolutely no reason someone shouldn’t try it.

For the final touches, I added a 15-minute timer that redirected to my main sales page when the timer ended.

I even put the checkout form directly on the sales page so they didn’t have to click to another page to checkout. My goal was to make it as easy as humanly possible, and it paid off.

Making Sure I Was the Perfect Participant

Lizzy is extremely thorough and seems to pay attention to people who are easy vs. people who require a lot of extra time.

I always aim to be the “perfect” participant so that I can keep coming back year after year. It’s a privilege to be included in this event so I give it my best and try to respect the time of the people diligently putting this party together..

Here are some things I did this year to make sure my submission was perfect the first time it was submitted:

  • Every single date that Lizzy shared went into my Asana task management calendar immediately, which I check daily.
  • Lizzy shared checklists packed with all the details about the event and the requirements for submissions. I read and reread these frequently throughout the process to make sure I didn’t miss any steps. I even added them as tasks in Asana.
  • I kept up with all the links Lizzy shared in Asana by creating tasks for every step.
  • I gave myself lots of lead time to get everything ready in advance. Sometimes I procrastinate, but this event was far too important so I made it a priority.
  • I tested my tech setup multiple times to ensure everything was working as expected. I also asked 3 other people to test it out for me.
  • I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked literally everything to make sure I met the requirements.
  • I kept my eye on the contributor’s Facebook group so I could see the questions being asked, issues that came up, and any announcements from Lizzy.

Results from 2023

My engineer brain had way too much fun pulling together the numbers for this results section. I wish I had results like this from the previous 2 years also, but I do know this was the biggest year yet in terms of list growth.

Brand New Subscribers (List Growth)2,055
Landing Page Visitors3,186
Landing Page Sign Ups2,647
Landing Page Conversion Rate83.1%
Upsell Purchases (New Members)101
Upsell Conversion Rate3.8%
Upsell Initial Total ($1)$101
Upsell Recurring Charges Total ($17/month)$1258+ (as of 2/21/24)
Affiliate Commission from Prem. Goody Bag$240
New members who canceled during the trial46 or 45.5%
New members who continued for 1 month36 or 35.6%
New members who continued for 2+ months19 or 18.8%
Total $$$ Made from LCP (as of 2/21/24)$1599
Total $$$ Spent (Sponsor + CK Upgrade)$793.09
Total Profit from LCP (as of 2/21/24)$805.91

Data Screenshots

From Fathom Analytics for my landing page:

List Growth from ConvertKit:

Will I Participate/Sponsor Again?

I always try to make data-driven decisions, and based on the data from all 3 years, participation is an easy yes for me. This is the best bundle I’ve seen, it’s run incredibly well by Lizzy and her team, and the list growth is mind-blowing.

As far as sponsorship, yes, I would sponsor the event again. Especially if it gets me guaranteed participation. That reduced my anxiety a ton since I didn’t have to “apply” for a spot, and I’m happy to support Lizzy’s business in the process because I know this is sooooo much work.

I’ll just have to wait to find out what the options will be for 2024.

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