Organize Your Business 101

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed,

…like you’re drowning in the business you built instead of living your dream.

All you want is to be able to breathe easily knowing that your business is streamlined, efficient, and ready for growth.

How will organization help you?

You can succeed without being organized, but if you want to…

✨ save time and money
✨ scale your biz quickly
✨ feel 100% confident
✨ be focused and clear

then you need to get organized! And Organize Your Business 101 will walk you step-by-step through the process.


Day of Voxer - The Organized CEO

Will you spend the rest of your years as a CEO crushed by the chaos because “you’re just not an organized person?”

No! Stop telling yourself that lie.

You don’t have to live that way, and you certainly don’t have to run your business that way.

Your business can, and should, bring you joy and freedom.

Organize Your Business 101 will help you declutter and find your focus so that you can finally take all of your knowledge, all of your hard work, and move forward with your dream.

How does it work?

Organize Your Business 101 is a 4-part course that teaches you how to simplify your business, set a solid foundation, and take consistent action towards your goals.


Auditing your business will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can make better decisions and set priorities

We’ll create a solid foundation, track your metrics, and reflect on the current state of your biz.



Having a plan gives you a sense of direction for your business journey and helps you stay focused on the things that matter.

You’re going to set goals and create a plan to build your dream business.




Processes, SOPs, Workflows… whatever you call them, you need them!

If you want to scale your business, have a team, and streamline your systems, you need SOPs in order to get consistent results.


Systems will make your business more efficient, save you a ton of time, and increase your profits with ease.

OYB 101 will help you find the right tools for you, integrate them with your other tools, and automate as much as you can!

Welcome to OYB 101!

Get a quick sneak peek of the course…

What’s Included in the Course?

I’m sharing the 4-step organizational cycle I created to help my 6 and 7-figure clients take control of the overwhelm in their businesses.

I’ll teach you how to map out a plan for your goals from beginning to end, outline your most complicated processes, and create the right systems for your business.

📎 $125+ worth of templates
Trello, AirTable, Asana, Google Sheets and Docs…

📎 Instant access to the entire course
Complete the tasks when they fit in your schedule.

📎 Fillable, Google Doc worksheets
Make it easier to complete the Take Action tasks

📎 Specific “Take Action” steps
Not boring fluff, but actual steps for you to take

 Here’s a full list of the included templates you’ll get with this courses, and the prices I charged for them when I sold them separately (so I’m not just making up numbers for this):


Biz Dashboard
SOP Planner ($15)
Tool Tracker ($10)


Tool Tracker ($10)
SWOT Analysis
Systems Planner ($10)


Business Plan Template ($25)
Deep Reflection Qs
Goal Planning ($15)


Biz Dashboard
SWOT Analysis


SOP Template


Benefits of Organization
Choosing the Right Tools
Creating Business Systems


    Monthly Metrics Tracker ($20)
    Tool Tracker ($10)
    SOP Master List
    Systems Planner ($10)

    Total Value of Included Templates: $125+!!

    How did I become The Organized CEO?

    Engineer + Obsessive Behavior + Excessive Research = Giant, Organized Nerd 🤓 

    Organization isn’t a trait I was born with. My room was such a disaster as a kid that my mom literally “cleaned” it once by throwing everything into huge, black trash bags. 

    Organization is a skill I’ve studied, practiced, and continue to work at because I recognized how much time, money, and energy it can save me. 

    When I gave up my career in civil engineering to become a Virtual Assistant in 2018, I quickly realized that MOST online business owners, even the wildly successful ones, all needed my help with their biggest challenge… organization.

    That’s why I launched The Organized CEO in 2020. As a VA, I could only help a handful of clients at a time. Now, my goal is to help as many CEOs as possible transform into Organized CEOs with streamlined businesses that keep them out of the 9-5 grind and give them the freedom they so desperately need.

    Is Organize Your Business 101 right for you?

    ✔️ Side hustlers, freelancers, and new business owners just getting started

    ✔️ CEOs who have had a business for years but never built a solid foundation

    ✔️ DIYers who need to clean up their chaos in order to scale their business

    ✖️ You’d rather hire someone to organize your business for you

    ✖️ You already feel pretty organized but are looking for more advanced techniques

    ✖️ You’re so busy with other things that you can’t prioritize the tasks and do the work right now.

    Organize Your
    Business 101


    More than $125 worth of templates!!

    Instant access to everything
    Specific “Take Action” steps
    Fillable, Google Doc worksheets

     ✨ And Bonuses!! ✨ 

    A 10-minute sneak peak
    inside my Google Drive

    5 videos showing how I organize
    my biz with these popular tools:
    - Trello
    - Asana
    - AirTable
    - HoneyBook
    - LastPass

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes this different from all the other courses I've never finished?

    I get it. There are so many courses for online business owners!

    But this one isn’t just a bunch of info that you have to consume and decipher on your own. OYB 101 is packed FULL of Take Action steps so that you will actually be organizing your business as you go through the course.

    How is this course delivered?

    The course itself is built in ThriveCart’s new Learn platform. Some of the course is text and some is short videos (with closed captions).

    You also get $125+ worth of templates, and fillable, Google Doc worksheets where you can complete all your Take Action steps.

    What is the exact course outline?


    • Welcome + Intro
    • Benefits of Organization
    • Take Action


    • The Why
    • Business Plan
    • Metrics
    • Deep Reflection


    • Goal Mindset
    • Setting Goals
    • Make a Plan


    • What are processes?
    • Why You Need SOPs
    • SOPs You Need
    • Organize Your SOP Library
    • SOP Types + Templates
    • Writing SOPs


    • Creating Systems
    • Choosing Tools
    • Recommended Tools
    • Set Up Systems


    • Recap: ALL Templates
    • Feedback
    • Affiliate
    • Support


    • My Google Drive
    • Trello
    • AirTable
    • LastPass
    • Asana
    • Honeybook
    Do I have to pay for any tools?

    Only if you want to!

    I’ll show how to use the free versions of popular tools to organize your business. If you want to upgrade for more features, you can always do that later.

    Does the course contain actual SOPs I can copy?

    No. But you will get my SOP template and Master List.

    I’ll also teach you which SOPs you need to create, how to build your own library, how to write SOPs, and how to organize them all!

    How long will this course take?

    You can watch/read the material in less than 3 hours.

    BUT… if you want to REALLY get organized, you’re going to have to do the work and follow the Take Action steps.

    I recommend finishing it within a month, no matter what. The principles will save you sooo much time if you’ll just commit to getting shit done.

    How long will I have access?

    You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, including all future updates.

    If for any reason I decide to close this course, you will be given notice and provided with the materials.

    Can I get a refund?

    No. You can read more about my refund policy here.

    I have a question before I invest...

    I’m happy to answer your questions! Just email me at

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