CLOSED for 2023

I'm taking the year off from 1-1 services to spend more time with family and focus on my membership.

VIP Day bookings will reopen in 2024.

Need some help organizing your business?

Work one-on-one with The Organized CEO to get your business in perfect running order!

Tech VIP Day

Need reliable help from someone who specializes in tech? Add an engineer to your team!

Whether it's a big project or a variety of tasks, I'll help you check off your to-do list and get organized in a single day.

HoneyBook Setup

Ready to feel confident about onboarding new clients? Let's get you started with HoneyBook!

In a single day, we'll take you from anxious and overwhelmed, to having a professional onboarding system, SOPs for your services, and the support you need to succeed.


Overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted

Never having enough time in the day

Guessing at the next steps to take

Stuck at an income plateau

Chained to your desk


Clear, focused, and in control

An extra 3-5 hours in your week

Step-by-step action plan for your biz

Increasing profits and helping more clients

Experiencing the freedom you’ve always wanted

The 4 Step Plan for Organizing Your Business

Organization is a never-ending cycle, and as long as you stick with it, your business will continue to expand even beyond what you currently think is possible.

1. Audit Your Biz — Analyze where your business is currently

2. Make a Plan — Set goals for your dream business

3. Outline Processes — Record the steps you take to help clients

4. Set Up Systems — Automate and streamline your processes

The best part of the cycle is that you can start anywhere, whether you need to laser-focus on a single step or organize your entire operation.

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